About Us

Our Team:
We are a team of designers and craftsmen from diverse backgrounds and skill sets who have come together to design and manufacture unique wall art pieces. 
Our process:
All our wall art pieces are conceived individually and are unique pieces. Though theoretically they can be replicated but each such replicated pieces will also be different as the material used is not standardized.
Using basic weaving looms, the wall art is made by hand insertion of weft material as per the plan. The warp is also pre decided based on what the designer wishes to ultimately create.
Using a combination of fabric strips, waste paper, handmade paper, textile waste, strings, fancy tassels and yarns of different materials like copper/plastic/cotton/silk/wool/acrylic/viscose/polyster, the wall art is woven. Some art works are made using collages of fabrics with embroidery on top.
Each piece is woven or made individually under direct intervention and supervision of the designer/s and can take anything from 8-12 days to make.
We use mixed hard material as well as soft material like metal, textiles, wood, clay, stone etc. to create wall art and installations. 
Some of these are framed and many are sculptures.
Most designs are amenable to larger scale reproduction or can be installed in tiled form. Ideal for large projects.
The time frame for custom installation varies as per the specifications of the project.
Wall Arts on HIRE.
For large commercial establishments and hotels etc, we can provide art works on hire and replace them periodically to lend a freshness to the décor without huge cost. Please contact us for details.